About Us

We are a high end nationwide furniture delivery company for america's top

designers and manufacturers. For over 35 years we have broke the industry standard

for quality and service. After acquiring a large inventory of high end products from

our clients, we decided to expand our services and start offering heavily discounted

items directly to the public. Many of our clients warehouse millions of dollars in

inventory with us. When they have overstock or even go out of business, who better to

buy it then the company who already warehouses it. Every single item we buy goes

through a rigorous inspection by our technicians before it's ready to be sold.

We are able to offer the highest standard of quality and service while maintaining a

price point from 50% to 90% off retail. Part of the reason we are able to sell this low is

because we don’t advertise the manufacturer names online.

Give us a call or come into to one of our facilities today.

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